Top 10 Rare & Valuable Canadian Coins

1921 Silver 5-Cents

The Royal Canadian Mint planned to release a new nickel five-cent coin in 1922 for use in coinage. The mint melted down all of its silver five-cent pieces, almost all of which were 1921s, in order to get ready for launch. It is estimated that just 400 silver 5-cent coins have survived. At auction, these coins are presently selling for $2,261 to $67,082 CAD.

1969 Large Date 10-Cents

Due to a mistake, several large date coins rather than small date coins were produced when the 10-cent 1969 coins were being struck. There are thought to be just 20 to 30 of the 1969 large date 10-cent coins in circulation, making them incredibly rare. Right now, their CAD value ranges from $11,300 to $21,900.

1916 C Gold Sovereign

British one-pound gold coins known as "sovereigns" were produced at the Royal Canadian Mint between 1908 and 1919. There are just 50 known examples of the rare 1916 C gold sovereign. Uncirculated 1916 gold sovereigns are worth between $33,300 and $218,000 CAD.

1911 Canadian Silver Dollar

The most valuable currency in the world at the time was the Canadian silver dollar from 1911. The Canadian Currency Museum in Ottawa is home to one of the two silver dollars that were ever minted in the country. Collectors are left with only one 1911 Canadian silver dollar. It brought $552,000 USD when it sold to a private collector in 2019. This coin brought $1,066,000 at the last sale.

Victoria 50-Cent Piece in Near-Mint Condition

Few of these late 19th-century 50-cent pieces with Queen Victoria on them have survived in mint or nearly mint condition, despite the fact that many were produced. These immaculate examples are now highly valued at auction. The current value of an 1899 Victoria 50-cent coin ranges from $103 to $50,150 CAD.

1921 50-Cent Piece

Referred to as the "king of Canadian coins," there are merely 50–100 of these extremely rare 50-cent pieces in circulation. Though many of these coins were struck in 1921, very few were put into use. To make the later versions of the 50-cent piece, the great majority of them were melted down. One of the remaining coins sold for $218,500 at auction in 2010 because they are so rare. The current value of uncirculated 1921 50-cent coins ranges from $104,500 to $335,400 CAD.

1936 Canadian "Dot" Dime

The 1936 "dot" dime, which brought in $184,000 at auction, is yet another excellent coin for collectors. The dot was added to the 1936 design, and this dime was actually produced in 1937. There are probably only five of these coins in existence. Right now, their CAD value ranges from $144,500 to $245,000.

Canadian Silver Nickel - Any Year

Canadian nickels were minted from either sterling silver (925 parts silver) or "coin silver" (800 parts silver) before 1922. In 1921, the last of these coins were produced. Over time, many of the coins have been melted due to their high silver content. They are incredibly rare now. Because these coins are frequently counterfeited, it's critical to have a coin valued before acquiring it.